How To Detect Whether Our Bodies Are Acidic?

If you’re concerned with your health, you need to quickly detect whether your body is acidic and requires your attention!!

The symptoms to detect whether our bodies are acidic, are as below;

#1 Pimples & Acnes
#2 Muscular pain
#3 Pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping
#4 Pre-menstrual anxiety and depression
#5 Cold hands and feet
#6 Light headedness & dizziness
#7 Exhausted easily & low energy
#8 Joint pains that travel
#9 Food allergies
#10 Excessive gas
#11 Bloating
#12 Heartburn & acid reflux
#13 Headaches & migraines
#14 Irregular heartbeat

If you experience more than 2 of these symptoms, there is a high chance that your body is acidic and you may want to take precaution and change your diet before it accumulates and turn into deadly diseases or cancer one day!

But don’t get worried!
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